Sunday, June 15, 2008

Syringe Logic Probe, Revision 2

While my original probe is damned useful, it was a bit of a rushed job. Since then, I've found uncoated silver jewelry wire whose diameter is just a hair smaller than the inner diameter of the needle, allowing me to force it in for an electrical connection. More importantly, as I no longer solder to the outside of the needle, I can restore the safety cap and save my fingers from getting nicked.

--Travis Goodspeed
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Chris said...

Where did you get the needle?

Travis Goodspeed said...

My needles were found amidst other junk in a friend's attic, but you can order suitable syringes from veterinary suppliers on I'm still looking for a source of the nerve stimulator needles that Patridge mentioned in reply to my May 15th article on this topic.

Radiothermal said...
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Radiothermal said...

In many places, syringes are over the counter at bricks-and-mortar pharmacies. I've purchased any number of syringes/needles to give subcutaneous fluids to a cat with weak kidneys, no questions asked. I think the last six or so I got were something like 4 dollars.