Thursday, June 19, 2008

Speaking at Last Hope

I'll be speaking at Last Hope in Manhattan next month. My abstract follows.

Introduction to MCU Firmware Analysis and Modification with MSP430static
The Texas Instruments MSP430 is a low-power, 16-bit microcontroller which is rapidly gaining in popularity in the embedded world. MSP430static is a tool for reverse engineering the MSP430's firmware. Following a quick tour under the hood of this tool, this lecture will demonstrate how to analyze, modify, and reflash a black-box firmware image.

The Last HOPE


Travis Goodspeed said...

My slot is Friday at 14h00. As Hope is an open conference, streaming and a recording will be available.

--Travis Goodspeed

Jim Rhodes said...

I want to find your speech now. Is it possible? I would like to know.

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