Wednesday, July 8, 2009

GoodFET HHV, Neighborcon Vegas, Taipei

Howdy neighbors,

I'll be bringing plenty of spare GoodFET boards to vegas, perhaps something new as well. If you'd like to build one in the Hardware Hacking Village, please bring the parts from the GoodFET11 BOM, with perhaps some extras to share. I've given away all of my assembled GoodFET boards, save the one I use for development, so don't expect to have any fun without soldering.

The Neighborcon Vegas CFP will come out soon. Neighborliness will be abounding during Black Hat Briefings for all those that need a break from the crowd or cannot afford the ticket. A shuttle should run regularly from Caesar's, and we'll have all sorts of neighborly workshops and competitions. The official announcement is being delayed to keep the crowd manageable, but it will definitely be happening.

I am in Taipei, R.O.C. for the next two weeks. Email me if you'd like to meet up for drinks, especially if you speak Chinese and can help me navigate the local electronics market.

New technical articles are coming soon, covering the debugging protocols of the MSP430 and Chipcon 8051 chips. MSP430X, MSP430X2, and others will follow as GoodFET support solidifies. Also some fixes for security vulnerabilities that I will be announcing at my Black Hat talk.

Travis Goodspeed
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