Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The MSP430F2254 is a 2274.

MSP430F2254, a 2274 in Disguise

A few weeks back, I ran out of MSP430F2274 chips and used the pin-compatible 2254 for a few of my BSLCracker boards. After connecting a FET to program the first of them, I found that GDB mistook it for a 2274. The chip ID of a 2254, beginning at 0xFF0 and continuing as big-endian quartets, is "F2274". The photograph above, taken by Brooke Hill, confirms that the die of the MSP430F2254 is that of a 2274.

What method is used by TI to downgrade a '74 to a '54, and is it reversible? Please email me if you can shed any light on the matter.

--Travis Goodspeed
<travis at utk.edu>