Friday, June 13, 2008

Spring Cleaning

microbox contents
I just received Nick Chernyy's Microbox as part of The Great Internet Migratory Box of Electronic Junk project.

I took the 8051 board, the 2x16 LCD, and a MAX232 level-converter chip. I then removed a healthy number of packing peanuts, swapped one of the microcontroller cases for a smaller one, and added the following:
  • Two PICs.
  • Three MSP430F2012 DIPs.
  • A 4G iPod, sans hard disk
  • Two TI CC1100 radio boards.
  • A board of ZIF sockets for PIC programming.
As is tradition, I'll be sending the box to someone on the Box Requests page within the next week or so.



Travis Goodspeed said...

The box will soon depart to Foster City, California.

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