Saturday, October 3, 2009

GoodFET30 Boards by Mail

Howdy y'all,

As anyone who has taken up my offer of a free GoodFET board can tell you, I've been terribly slow at shipping the things. Not only did I only send them while I was in stock, but I also had to have ample quantities of stamps and envelopes. Further, the envelopes were often lost in the mail do to my miscalculating postage (42¢≠44¢) or failing to properly pad each board. Add my travel schedule to the mix, and it was not uncommon for a neighbor to wait more than a month for his board to arrive.

To remedy this situation, I've arranged for blank boards to be shipped from Tennessee. Presently, the new GoodFET30 boards are in stock, and I'll order more panels as soon as these run out. To order one, just send a few bucks by Paypal to <sixtysixav at> along with a mailing address and a note that you'd like a GoodFET30. If you're broke or religiously opposed to Paypal, just send a neighborly request to my address below and I'll see that a free board goes your way.

Assembled units are coming, but don't expect them to be available before the new year.

N.B., do not forget to include your mailing address when ordering.

Thank you kindly,
--Travis Goodspeed
<travis at>



St.Jimmy said...

This is Duncan,I emailed you about getting a GoodFET board. I sent $5 to your paypal, so if you get money without an address, it's probably mine. Thanks!

Davor said...

Will you be bringing these to the 26C3?

Anonymous said...

Hey Travis,
You should have another PayPal "Gift" from Lubbock, TX. Keep up the great work and can't wait to start hacking at this board.


Travis Goodspeed said...


I'll be bringing the next revision to 26C3. If someone in Berlin can track down a bunch of soldering irons, I might also do a workshop on them at BCC or C-Base.


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