Friday, May 29, 2009

GoodFET11 Released


The GoodFET11 boards have arrived for HardHack in Berlin, where they were assembled earlier today. It was quite neighborly to see that intelligent people with steady hands, but no prior practice, had little trouble assembling the GoodFET's surface mount components.

GoodFET firmware ought to be functional in the next week or two, with I2C and the Chipcon debugging protocol as the first targets. Please contact me if you are interested in writing a client application in Python or another unix scripting language.

--Travis Goodspeed
<travis at>


voidlizard said...

Hello, I'm interested to write some client software for GOODFET. I do not like idea to write it in python, but it's subject to discuss.

I'm deadly something that may work with newest TI's MCU under Linux, so I'm ready to contribute.

Pink said...

Lo and behold. When speaking of the debug protocol of the Chipcon 8051 RF system-on-chips you caught my attention! For a while I've been thinking of adding debugger support for hardware emulator (originally using the official debugger hardware from TI: SmartRF0xEB or their newer CC Debugger) in the sdcdb debugger that comes with the sdcc compiler.

I've seen there exist such a debugger for Silabs' 8051s, using their EC2 or EC3 adapter.

Today you only have a generic 8051 debug simulator in sdcdb. It would be cool to be able to debug the code on real hardware on my GNU/Linux, with the radio peripheral.

I wouldn't mind joining in and help out with GoodFET firmware if needed, and then continue with PC libraries and sdcdb debugger support afterwards.

I guess you can reach me via the gmail account I have to use for posting here.

Pink said...

Hmm.. just in case it's not visible for you after all (I thought it would be):

pppinkpppony at gmail dot com

Otherwise, let me know if you run into trouble. I know those chips quite well ;-)

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