Monday, March 17, 2008

ImageCraft V7 Symbol Importing for MSP430static

by Travis Goodspeed <travis at>
at the Extreme Measurement Communications Center
of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory

I just committed r38 of msp430static which adds support for importing symbols from ImageCraft V7 for MSP430. A short example follows.

I'll use the following C code, but any will suffice.
void main(){
int x=0xFFFF;
Compiling it yields many files. The two of interest are FOO.hex and The former is imported by converting it to msp430-elf and dumping the resulting ELF file.
karen% msp430-objcopy -I ihex -O elf32-msp430  FOO.hex foo.exe
karen% msp430-objdump -D foo.exe | m4s init
Symbols are then imported with the .symbols.import.ic7 macro.
karen% m4s .symbols.import.ic7 <

At this point, msp430static knows the name of every function in my image. Here is the callgraph of my program above.

Note that my examples are in Linux. ICC 7 works perfectly as both an IDE and compiler under Wine.


Travis Goodspeed said...

I've also added .input.lib.ic7, which imports an ICCV7 .a library. Use .lib.import.ic7 to import all ICC libraries from /opt/iccv7430.

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