Friday, April 17, 2009

Notacon Masked ROM Challenge

Here at Notacon 6 in Cleveland, I'm having a competition involving the decoding of the MSP430F22x4's masked BSL ROM. The ROM, pictured below, begins with "0c06; 0c1e; 3fff; 40b2; a540; 012c; 90b2; ffde;" and ends with (in reverse order) "62b1; 0401; 0102; 0000; 0000; 0000; 4040; 27f2; ffff; ffff; ffff; ffff;".


Begin by downloading the high resolution version of the image, then marking it like so.
BSL ROM, Marked

The first person to bring me a method for converting addresses to physical locations and back will win a Hack-A-Day Bus Pirate kit. A second kit will be given to the first person to bring me a script for generating correct bits from a binary (or Intel Hex) dump of the ROM.
Bus Pirate

Hints will be given during my lecture, "Fun with the MSP430", Saturday at noon.

--Travis Goodspeed
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