Monday, March 17, 2008

ImageCraft V7 Symbol Importing for MSP430static

by Travis Goodspeed <travis at>
at the Extreme Measurement Communications Center
of the Oak Ridge National Laboratory

I just committed r38 of msp430static which adds support for importing symbols from ImageCraft V7 for MSP430. A short example follows.

I'll use the following C code, but any will suffice.
void main(){
int x=0xFFFF;
Compiling it yields many files. The two of interest are FOO.hex and The former is imported by converting it to msp430-elf and dumping the resulting ELF file.
karen% msp430-objcopy -I ihex -O elf32-msp430  FOO.hex foo.exe
karen% msp430-objdump -D foo.exe | m4s init
Symbols are then imported with the .symbols.import.ic7 macro.
karen% m4s .symbols.import.ic7 <

At this point, msp430static knows the name of every function in my image. Here is the callgraph of my program above.

Note that my examples are in Linux. ICC 7 works perfectly as both an IDE and compiler under Wine.

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Travis Goodspeed said...

I've also added .input.lib.ic7, which imports an ICCV7 .a library. Use .lib.import.ic7 to import all ICC libraries from /opt/iccv7430.